Let's cut to the chase. If you're expecting breaking news and quick stories - this ain't it, chief. Game Progression is a website that strives to publish opinions, experiences, and features on video games and everything that shapes and surrounds our favorite past time.  

These opinions may come from yours truly, Nadine Pacis, the main writer/editor/producer/social media manager of Game Progression, or from people in and out of the industry who are open to such conversations.

There will occasionally be guides, technical tips, and deep dives into the games we play and these are possibly penned by myself or site developer, Florian Eula. Because how else can we personally progress in our favorite titles?

The long-term vision of Game Progression is to also produce more than just written stories. Soon, you'll see an influx of videos, podcasts, live streams, and graphics in English and Tagalog. Maybe even a bigger team?

Anyways, if this is the type of content you want to see we'd definitely appreciate your support by subscribing to our site. We promise we'll only send you updates about our website and nothing else. And you'll get 1 - 3 emails a month at most!

If you have a story you'd like to us to look into, send an email to: nadine@gameprogression.com

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